What Dog Food is the Right One?

Choosing a dog food that is good for your dog can be a daunting task. There are so many brands and varieties to choose from, how can you possible know which one is the best one that fits your dogs needs? Large breed dogs, especially Rottweiler’s, need a specific diet that can ofter be rather pricey. So what are some of the things that you should look for when choosing a dog food?

The first thing that I always look at is the packaging. Do you see anything that says the food is “organic” or “all-natural”? While many popular dog food brands are not organic, there are a lot that are all-natural. Next, I look at the ingredients. You want to see your proteins listed first, such as salmon, chicken, lamb, bison, etc. I tend to stay away from foods with beef or pork. Next, you want to see wholesome fruits and vegetables that is not corn. Corn and other grains are not ideal ingredients that you want in a food.The higher ranked on the list of ingredients these items are, the better. Aside from the proteins, fruits, and vegetables, the food should contain probiotics to help with digestion, and other vitamins and minerals to benefit your dog.

Having dogs who are very sensitive to foods, I have tried multiple different dog foods, and have found multiple that I am very fond of. Natures Domain is the grain-free food that Costco carries. They are a great option for a great price. Although I do not particularly care for the beef variety, my dogs loved the salmon type for three years. Another food that they have done really well on in called Vitality. It is an all-natural food, and they have a variety called “Happy Hips” which is good for large breed dogs that are susceptible to having hip problems. The newest food that I have started feeding my dogs is called Taste of the Wild. It is an all-natural, high protein content food that comes in several different varieties. So far, they have responded really well to this food, and I plan to keep them on it.

There are definitely some dog foods that I would NEVER feed my dogs. Dog chow, Pedigree, Kibbles and Bits, and all other cheap brands like that are something that I would never feed to my dog. When looking at the ingredients of these foods you see a lot things with the word “meal” after them. Such as beef mean or chicken meal. Meal is essentially all of the other organs, bones, and random pieces of meat of an animal, all ground up. Which means that the protein content is lower and there is more fat and other content in these pieces than what is ideal for dogs to eat.

My best advice is to stay away from foods with any type of meal listed in the ingredient. Keep in mind that foods that are good for your dogs often are not cheap. A bag 30lb-35lb of dog food can range from $35-$55 dollars. While it may be a lot, and your dog may go through it quickly, having a food that is healthy for them will lower their chance of having any medical problems from the food that they are consuming. For me, my dogs go through a bag of dog food, that costs me $50, every week. It is expensive, but their health is important to me.

There are countless different websites that offer information about what to look for in a dog food, but the two listed below are the ones that I have found to be the most helpful with this task.

1. http://www.a-love-of-rottweilers.com/caring-for-big-dog-breeds.html#nutrition

2. http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/15_02/features/Ingredients-Of-Quality-Dog-Food_20459-1.html

So what does everyone think? I’d love to hear opinions or recommendations on dog foods that you have tried!


A Little Bit About The Breed

After bringing Sahrabis home, I was still unfamiliar about Rottweiler’s, their average size, temperament, potential health problems, etc. Knowing more about the breed was something that I thought was important. I began researching and familiarizing myself with Rottweiler, and this is some of the general health and welfare information that I found.

Rottw10413435_1016292975054012_5689377695345632425_neiler’s are large, muscular dogs. You will also hear them called Rott or Rotties. They generally have large heads with broad shoulders. They usually have a docked tail, although more recently, breeders have stopped docking their tails. Rottweiler’s are black and have distinct marking that are either a brown, tan, or mahogany color. Their coats are short and thick.

There are two different types of Rottweiler’s: German and American Rottweiler’s. While there are many different variations of features, German Rotts are said to often be shorter, stalkier, and have a bigger “block” head as compared to an American Rott. American Rotts often have longer legs and a smaller head. The height and weight of most Rottweiler’s generally depend of the breeder. Most females range from 85-115 lbs and males range from 95-145 pounds. Of course, there are always the runts and giants of the litters that may fall out of these ranges.

Rottweiler’s have a very unique temperament. While they are very strong and powerful animals, they thrive on interaction and guidance. Rotts are very strongly devoted to their owners, and rely on firm and consistent commands. They are not a breed that is suitable for a first time dog owner, as they can quickly develop bad habits. They are natural protectors and are naturally fie1925192_1015958185087491_4363036340212403908_nrce, if needed. With the right amount of work and obedience, they are very calm relaxed dogs. Socialization is very important with Rotts. They need to be acclimated to other dogs at a young age. Dog parks and adventures into public serve a lot of good to this breed, if the handler has the confidence to control them in a public setting.

Exercise and living conditions are very important for this breed. They need to have a yard where they can reside, although they often prefer to be indoors for the most part. They need a lot of exercise that includes walking, running, and swimming. It seems like they can never get enough exercise.

The life expectancy of Rottweiler’s is about 8-11 years, depending on their genetics and the care they receive throughout their lives. They are susceptible to a number of health problems. Some of the main health problems that affect this breed include torn ACL’s, hip dysplasia, and problems with their eyelids.

Overall, having a Rottweiler may take a lot of work, but it is worth is. Coming from my experience, I spend about an hour a day exercising and caring for my dogs. While it is a lot of work, it is something that I enjoy. The Rottweiler will give you all of the love and devotion that one could possibly want, and owning one is very rewarding.

I would love to hear from everyone, what is your favorite breed of dog? Have you owned a Rottweiler before?

Nice to Meet You

The purpose of my blog is to, of course, share information and stories about my dogs, and the breed in general. But before I do that, I figure that I should introduce you to my three dogs. Here is a brief introduction and background for Sahrabis, Delilah, and Jaxson.


Sahrabis is the first Rottweiler that I have owned, and he is what made me love this breed so much. He is currently five years old, almost six, and was born on St. Patricks Day. He is the first dog that I have had and raised on my own, and I got him right before I graduated high school in 2009. Prior to deciding to get him, I knew nothing about the breed. I was on the fence about getting a Rottweiler because of the bad reputation that they had. The day that I went to see the puppies, I instantly fell in love with him and knew I was making the right decision. Fast forward almost six years later, and I have a big 120lb boy who is full of love and dedication. He is the best companion I could ever ask for and is constantly by my side. He is definitely a mama’s boy, and I don’t think anything will ever change that.

IMG_1044Next, there is Delilah. She is two years old, and she is my problem child. After having Sahrabis for three years, I knew he needed a friend. Dogs just seem to do better when they have a friend, especially with my busy school and work schedule. I found Delilah through a friend, and without ever seeing her, I made the commitment to give her the best home I possibly could. I drove all the way to Las Vegas to pick her up, and the instant I saw her I fell in love. Now it’s almost three years later, and she and Sahrabis are inseparable. She is a 90lb ball of energy, who’s constantly finding the next way to get into trouble, and I can’t help but to love her. She tore her ACL in February of 2014, and had surgery to repair it in April 2014. After her surgery she was confined to a kennel for four months. This was the hardest thing I have gone through with any of my dogs. She was go depressed about being locked up that she stopped eating, but we made it through! Today, her leg is all healed, and she is my little bundle of joy.

Last but not least, there is Mr. Jaxson. IMG_2704Jaxson is the newest addition to the family. He is currently seven months old, already 75 pounds, and still growing. Jaxson sort of came to us, we definitely were not looking for another. We were down in the Los Angeles Area visiting family, and my cousins’ soccer coach happened to have a litter of Rottweiler’s who were just turning seven weeks old that weekend. Of course, I wanted to see them, and couldn’t leave without one. We got a pet carrier and carried him on the plane with us home. Jaxson is still learning about being obedient and behaving like a grown up. He like to eat everything in his sight, including moms shoes. Even though he is rough around the edges, he fits in perfectly with the other two.

Now that you know a little bit about my dogs, I hope that everyone looks forward to hearing more stories,and learning more about my favorite breed.

Stay tuned!

Why not Rottweilers?

photo(1)There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs, some of which are more recognized than others. For example, Labradors and Golden Retrievers are popular large breeds of dogs. Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and Yorkies are popular small breeds of dogs. People appreciate these breeds of dogs, as well as various others because of their reputation in society. But what about the breeds of dogs that people don’t take the time to appreciate? The breeds that are often bullied and talked down upon by society? For example, breeds such as the Pitbull, the Rottweiler, the Doberman Pincher, as well as others. More times than not, these dogs are viewed as aggressive and mean, without even being given the chance to prove themselves otherwise. Breed discrimination is something that very prevalent in our society. There are stereotypes of breeds of dogs, when there shouldn’t be.

I’m the proud mom to three Rottweiler’s, who just wants to spread the word about how gentle, loyal, and loving this breed of dog really is. Prior to owning any of my dogs, I never realized how poorly these dogs are viewed to a portion of our society. Now, having spent so much time bonding and caring for mine, I will never understand the negative view that has been placed on these big, beautiful animals. There has not been one public outing with my dogs that someone has not made a rude or derogatory comment about my dogs. My goal is to help change this. Through this blog, I want to share my stories and experiences with Rottweiler’s, as well as other information about them, in hopes to inspire others to love the breed as much as I do. This is something I am very passionate about because these animals do not have voices of their own.