About Me

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My name is Cheyanne Ranson, and was born and raised here in Reno, Nevada. Twenty-three years is a long time to live in one place, but there is no other place that I would rather call home. I am a Masters’ of Accountancy student at the University of Nevada, Reno, and I will be graduating in May 2015. Prior to starting the MAcc program, I received my undergrad degree in Accounting from UNR in Summer 2014. I have worked in the accounting field on and off since I was sixteen. After graduation I plan on sitting for the CPA exam and becoming a licensed CPA.

Accounting is always something that has interested me. I know you are probably thinking that is insane, I do too. But for me, accounting is my passion. Presenting reliable information to people is the basis that companies operate. Without this information investors wouldn’t invest, and lenders would not extend credit to companies. Auditing and reporting financial information is so satisfying to me, and I cannot wait to build a career on doing something that I love.

Not everything is all work and no play. My other passion is my animals. Specifically my three rottweilers. Pretty much all the time that I am not working or studying, I am spending with them. Whether it is a day at their favorite dog park with their doggy friends or taking them down to the river to swim, my world revolves around them. Taking care of them and spending time with them isn’t just my passion, my passion is learning about the breed and spreading the word about how gentle and loving this breed really is. Breed discrimination is huge in our society today, and it is something that has really effected me. Whether is it comments that someone makes about my dogs when we are out, or a landlord not approving of my dogs because of their breed. I hope in the future this is something that changes, and I am going to do my part to help with that change.



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