Yet Another Vet Bill

Photo Credit: Personal Photo
Photo Credit: Personal Photo

Just my luck, it has been almost exactly a year since Delilah tore her ACL in her left hind leg. Yesterday, we took them to the dog park to get some exercise, and guess what she did?! She tore the ACL in her other leg. Lucky me right? She was running after the ball and tried to stop abruptly, she yelped, and then laid down. I called her a few times to see if she could stand up, and when she couldn’t, I knew exactly what it was. So we have spend the majority of the day today of the vet getting x-rays done, and getting some pain management medicine to get her through until her surgery.

It has been a year and six days since she had her last surgery, and we were finally able to take her out to get exercise again. I feel awful that she is going to have to go through surgery again, but I guess it is better now than when she gets older. When she had her first surgery, the vet told us that she would probably tear her other one and asked if we wanted to do the surgery on both legs at the same time. At that point, we were hesitant because we didn’t think that it would actually happen, and boy were we wrong.

So after spending most of the day today at the vet, and determining that this tear is worse than the previous one, Delilah will be having her TPLO surgery tomorrow morning. Klaich Animal Hospital has always taken such good care of Delilah, and we are very fortunate to have such an amazing vet team taking care of her.


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