A New Documentary on Rottweilers?

I came across a news interview of a producer who is making a documentary on Rottweilers. How cool is that? Like I have said before, Rottweilers are one of the most caring and loyal dog breeds. They are driven by pleasing their owners and working.

Photo Credit: IMBD
Photo Credit: IMBD

The new documentary, Black Beauty Breed, is dedicated to showing the true colors of this amazing breed that so many thing negatively of. This documentary will give everyone a closer look at the character behind this beautiful breed.

Many people do not know the amount of ability Rottweilers have. They just want to please, and they do a darn good job at it. Rottweilers are great working dogs, such as pulling carts and herding. That is what they were originally bred for. They also make excellent search and rescue dogs, because of their determination and endurance.

This documentary will give everyone a different perspective of Rottweilers, and everyone should watch it. It is great to see people so passionate about the breed, just like I am. The documentary becomes available 04/21/2015 and can be purchased at the Black Beauty Breed website. Until then, the trailer is available to be viewed.

I encourage everyone to not only purchase one to watch, but to share with your friends.


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