Rotts of Friends Animals Rescue

Making the decision to adopt an adult dog can sometimes be a hard decision. Like I talked about in my previous post, Is adopting an adult rottweiler for you?, you sometimes don’t know what the dog has been through and has been treated in their previous home. This sometime poses a problem when adopting because the dog can have behavioral problems, such as being very timid and scared or even aggressive. Over the past two years I have began following Rottweiler Rescues, and the stories of the dogs that come out of them.  Out of all of the rescues, there is one that has always caught my eye. Their stories of the animals that they have rescued are heartbreaking, but the adoption stories for the same dogs are absolutely amazing.

Photo Credit: Rotts of Friends Animals Rescue
Photo Credit: Rotts of Friends Animals Rescue

Rotts of Friends Animal Rescue (ROF) is located in Woodland, California, and although they rescue all breeds of dogs, the specialize in rescuing Rottweilers. It doesn’t matter the age of the dog or the breed, if they have the resources to take them in, they will. The process that the dogs being rescued go through can be a long one, but it is worth it. ROF is generally contacted by animal shelters, individuals, and other organizations to help animals that are in need of rescue. Once the animals are picked up, they are transported to a veterinarian facility to be assessed for any medical problems. Once cleared from the vet, they are taken to the ROF facility. Once settled in the facility, and all medical issues have been taken care of, the rehabilitation process starts. The rehabilitation process consists of being spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and put on a basic nutrition routine. One all of these steps have been completed, the dogs go through a rigorous behavior and obedience training to get the prepared for their new forever home.

After their rehabilitation, ROF begins the process of finding their dogs the perfect home. Prospective owners go through phone interviews, home visits, and meet & greets with the dog to make sure they are the right fit. Once the right new family is found, the dogs are able to go home with their new owners. All of this work that ROF puts into their dogs is to ensure that they are going to be in their forever home, and do not have to go through this process again. ROF does an amazing job at what they do. They even offer lifetime obedience training for their dogs that are adopted.

If you are ever considering adopting a rottweiler, or any other breed of dog, I highly recommend checking out Rotts of Friends!


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