Why Rottweilers Are Great Family Dogs

It’s no surprise that Rottweilers, a lot like Pitbulls, have a bad reputation when it comes to the media. The media tends to only show stories of aggressive animals, when in reality, these aggressive dogs do not paint an appropriate picture of the breed as a whole. Rottweilers are very big very dominate dogs, but that does not mean that they are bad family dogs.

Sahrabis and Delilah with my nephews, Daxton and Drake. Photo Credit: Personal Photo
Sahrabis and Delilah with my nephews, Daxton and Drake.          Photo Credit: Personal Photo

The key to developing your Rottweiler into the perfect family dog is socialization and training. Like any other breed of dog, they need to be socialized starting at a young age. Taking them to the dog park to interact with other dogs and people is key. Giving them the opportunity to interact with other people in your house is important too. Socialization is important because Rottweilers can be territorial and dominant, but with constant work, these traits can be eased.

This goes the same for interactions with children. With supervision, it is important for your rottweiler to get to know the children that they will be living with. It may be something that is nerve wrecking at the beginning, but they will adapt and eventually, your rottweiler will become your children’s personal security guards.

With the right training, a rottweiler can be a calm and steady-tempered protector of the family. Their loyalty and protective instincts towards their handlers is undoubtedly one of the most respected traits these dogs possess. While it may take time and training, in the long run, it is worth it to have them be a part of your family.  Are Rottweilers Good Family Dogs? provides more information about their behavior and needs that Rottweilers require. My previous post, A Little Bit About the Breed, talks more about the breed characteristics of Rottweilers.

If anyone else has comments about Rottweilers being family dogs, please comment below!


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