The Story of Brutus

Photo Credit: SOURCE: Colorado State University
Photo Credit: SOURCE: Colorado State University

It is not everyday that you hear about a dog who has had all four paws amputated, being rehabilitated by a foster parent, in hopes that one day they will be adopted into a forever. Generally, animals that have conditions like this are euthanized because of the costs it takes to rehabilitate them to the point they can go to a new home. This is the case with Brutus. Brutus is a two year old Rottweiler, who is learning how to walk with four new prosthetic legs. He is only the second dog known to receive prosthetic limbs.

When Brutus was a puppy, he was left outside in the cold, and got frostbite on all four of his paws. The breeder, in hopes to salvage his paws, amputated the damaged areas themselves, leaving him permanently maimed.  Since then, Brutus has not been able to walk without pain. He has had to go through surgery to remove bone fragments and his dew claws, in preparation for the prosthetic s he was going to receive.

Photo Credit: SOURCE: Colorado State University
Photo Credit: SOURCE: Colorado State University

Along with several orthopedic specialized veterinarians from Colorado State University’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and a company named OrthoPets, Brutus has received a set of prosthetic legs in hopes to live a normal life. Each day is a challenge for Brutus, but he is adapting to the strange contraptions on his his. His foster mom, Laura Aquilina, has dedicated herself to giving Brutus the life that he deserves. Teaching him to walk and run like a dog should. To be able to go to the park, play fetch, and just do what any other normal dog does.

This story is not only touching, it shows how cruel people really can be to an innocent puppy. Brutus’s story is remarkable, and his foster mom, Laura Aquilina, has been a complete life saver for Brutus. Better Paws For Brutus: CSU Helps Quadruple-Amputee Dog tells the whole story or Brutus. Additionally, you can watch a video of his story, and see him learning to walk in his prosthetic legs: Quadruple Amputee Dog Learns to get Around in Prosthetics.

There is a GoFundMe Account set up for to help in Brutus’s medical costs. I encourage you to donate!


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