Yet Another Vet Bill

Photo Credit: Personal Photo
Photo Credit: Personal Photo

Just my luck, it has been almost exactly a year since Delilah tore her ACL in her left hind leg. Yesterday, we took them to the dog park to get some exercise, and guess what she did?! She tore the ACL in her other leg. Lucky me right? She was running after the ball and tried to stop abruptly, she yelped, and then laid down. I called her a few times to see if she could stand up, and when she couldn’t, I knew exactly what it was. So we have spend the majority of the day today of the vet getting x-rays done, and getting some pain management medicine to get her through until her surgery.

It has been a year and six days since she had her last surgery, and we were finally able to take her out to get exercise again. I feel awful that she is going to have to go through surgery again, but I guess it is better now than when she gets older. When she had her first surgery, the vet told us that she would probably tear her other one and asked if we wanted to do the surgery on both legs at the same time. At that point, we were hesitant because we didn’t think that it would actually happen, and boy were we wrong.

So after spending most of the day today at the vet, and determining that this tear is worse than the previous one, Delilah will be having her TPLO surgery tomorrow morning. Klaich Animal Hospital has always taken such good care of Delilah, and we are very fortunate to have such an amazing vet team taking care of her.


The Rules of Dog Parks

I am a person who regularly takes my dogs to the park, and often times I see things at the dog parks that just completely baffle me. Having a community dog park is a privilege, and there are rules that are supposed to be followed. Of course there are the rules that are posted, such as clean up after your dog, keep them on a leash except in the designated areas, make sure your dogs are vaccinated, etc. These rules are rules that should go without saying, yet I still see people at dog parks letting their dogs go to the bathroom, and then they don’t clean it up. Then it is left there for other people, and dogs to step in. I find it so disrespectful for the dog owners who do their duties and clean up after their pet.

Photo Credit: Great American Property Management Products

When I see people who let their dogs go to the bathroom and do not pick it up, I go out of my way to pick it up, and make sure that those people see me cleaning up their mess. Its not to be rude, but to hint to people that they should pick up after their animals. Having a public dog park is a privilege, and if it is not taken care of, cities can shut them down. The same goes for vaccinations. Parvo is a serious problem at dog parks, and taking your un-vaccinated dogs to dog parks is just putting them at risk. Especially for puppies, which I talked about in my previous blog post Vaccinating is Important! These rules that are posted at dog parks are for a reason, they are not posted just to be ignored.

The last thing that I see way to often is that people will take their dogs to the dog park, who are not properly socialized. I see it with at least one dog every time I am at the park. Someone will come to the park with their dog, let them off of the leash, and they instantly start a fight with another dog. I just don’t understand why this is such a problem. To me, it is putting your dog at risk by taking it to a dog park, if it is not properly trained or socialized. Although this is not a “rule” that is posted on the signs at dog parks, it should be a common sense thing.

Aside from the rules, there are also a few things to look for when finding the best dog park to take your doge to. How to Find the Best Dog Park has several good tips for finding the right park for your dog.

1 Year Anniversary of Delilah’s ACL Surgery

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of Delilah having her ACL surgery.  It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year, and that Delilah is completely back to normal.

The anterior cruciate ligament in dogs is similar to that of humans. It is located behind the knee cap. It is common for certain breeds of dogs to rupture these ligaments. The problem with this is that because of a dogs anatomy, there is no way to really repair the ligament itself. Instead, there are several different types of surgeries to secure the bones so that they cannot hyper extend anymore, which is what causes the ACL to rupture.

I remember the day that Delilah tore hers. She was running up the stairs like a crazy person, and missed one of the stairs. She yelped and then kept running. We waited it out for a few months, to see if it would get better on it’s own, and it would until she ran again. Finally we took her to the vet and sure enough, her ACL was torn.

Because Delilah is such a high energy and active dog, the vet recommended that she have the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) surgery. The TPLO surgery is the most extensive ACL Surgery, however, is it also the most popular. The way that the TPLO surgery works, is that they completely alter the movements of the knee. Essentially, the bone is cut in half, and secured into a position with metal plates, to a position that doesn’t allow the bone to slide.

Photo Credit: Personal Photo
Photo Credit: Personal Photo

Not only is this a major surgery for a dog, the recovery is even worse. For the first twelve weeks following the surgery, your dog is not supposed to do ANY activity. This means that they have to be in a kennel, except when they need to be relieved. When they come out of their kennel, it is idea to use a towel under their stomach to lift them so there is not a lot of weight on their leg. For more information about the recovery of the TPLO surgery, TPLO Surgery for Dogs That Have A Torn ACLhas a ton of useful information.

Photo Credit: Personal Photo
Photo Credit: Personal Photo

This was the hardest part for Delilah. She hated being in her kennel. She always felt left out. It got to the point where she stopped eating, and she would go to the bathroom in her kennel so we would have to take her out to clean it. It was heartbreaking.

Now, a year later, Delilah is back to normal. She runs up and down the stairs like before, and she loves to go and run at the dog park.

Does any one have an experience with the TPLO surgery or one of the other ACL surgeries? Please share in a comment below.

Five Things That My Rottweilers Do Very Well

All dogs have their own little quirks, that no matter how much time you spend training them not to, they still do it. Rottweilers are very stubborn dogs, especially mine. They seem to do things that push my button, just to make me angry, I feel like. I will turn my head for just a minute that they will be getting into something or doing something they know they aren’t supposed to. Don’t get me wrong, even though they have these little quirks does not mean they are bad dogs, they just like to be naughty sometime and push moms buttons.

Photo Credit: Personal Photo
Photo Credit: Personal Photo

So here are five things that Sahrabis, Delilah, and Jaxson do that pushes moms buttons:

1) They love to get into the trash. And when I say they get in the trash, it usually means pushing the lid up, getting their head stuck, panicking, and knocking the entire trash over and making a HUGE mess.

2) They like to take my socks out of the laundry hamper and chew on them. I don’t even know if I would call it chew, its more like slobber and slime them.

3) They DESTROY all of their toys. I try and find the toughest toys for them, but it never fails, they destroy them. They know it drives me insane so they wait until I walk away, and then they are back to tearing it up.

4) They constantly beg for food. Now this is kinda of my fault because I give them food occasionally, but they know they are not supposed to. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell them to go lay down, they wait about a minute, and then get back up an beg.

5) Last but not least, they hog the bed. That is what they do the absolute best. As soon as it is time for bed, they all jump up on the bed and seem to dead weight themselves so I cant move them. Needless to say, they get the majority of the bed.

How to Curb 7 Common Bad Habits of Dogs lists dog habits that are also common, only one of which my dogs do, so I guess I am somewhat lucky! When these bad habits do become too much, How to Stop Your Pet’s Bad Habits has awesome tips to knock those habits.

Even with these little quirks my dogs have, I love them more than anything. These dogs just continue to add love and laughter to my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What do you your dogs do that drive you crazy? Please leave a comment!

A New Documentary on Rottweilers?

I came across a news interview of a producer who is making a documentary on Rottweilers. How cool is that? Like I have said before, Rottweilers are one of the most caring and loyal dog breeds. They are driven by pleasing their owners and working.

Photo Credit: IMBD
Photo Credit: IMBD

The new documentary, Black Beauty Breed, is dedicated to showing the true colors of this amazing breed that so many thing negatively of. This documentary will give everyone a closer look at the character behind this beautiful breed.

Many people do not know the amount of ability Rottweilers have. They just want to please, and they do a darn good job at it. Rottweilers are great working dogs, such as pulling carts and herding. That is what they were originally bred for. They also make excellent search and rescue dogs, because of their determination and endurance.

This documentary will give everyone a different perspective of Rottweilers, and everyone should watch it. It is great to see people so passionate about the breed, just like I am. The documentary becomes available 04/21/2015 and can be purchased at the Black Beauty Breed website. Until then, the trailer is available to be viewed.

I encourage everyone to not only purchase one to watch, but to share with your friends.

Rotts of Friends Animals Rescue

Making the decision to adopt an adult dog can sometimes be a hard decision. Like I talked about in my previous post, Is adopting an adult rottweiler for you?, you sometimes don’t know what the dog has been through and has been treated in their previous home. This sometime poses a problem when adopting because the dog can have behavioral problems, such as being very timid and scared or even aggressive. Over the past two years I have began following Rottweiler Rescues, and the stories of the dogs that come out of them.  Out of all of the rescues, there is one that has always caught my eye. Their stories of the animals that they have rescued are heartbreaking, but the adoption stories for the same dogs are absolutely amazing.

Photo Credit: Rotts of Friends Animals Rescue
Photo Credit: Rotts of Friends Animals Rescue

Rotts of Friends Animal Rescue (ROF) is located in Woodland, California, and although they rescue all breeds of dogs, the specialize in rescuing Rottweilers. It doesn’t matter the age of the dog or the breed, if they have the resources to take them in, they will. The process that the dogs being rescued go through can be a long one, but it is worth it. ROF is generally contacted by animal shelters, individuals, and other organizations to help animals that are in need of rescue. Once the animals are picked up, they are transported to a veterinarian facility to be assessed for any medical problems. Once cleared from the vet, they are taken to the ROF facility. Once settled in the facility, and all medical issues have been taken care of, the rehabilitation process starts. The rehabilitation process consists of being spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and put on a basic nutrition routine. One all of these steps have been completed, the dogs go through a rigorous behavior and obedience training to get the prepared for their new forever home.

After their rehabilitation, ROF begins the process of finding their dogs the perfect home. Prospective owners go through phone interviews, home visits, and meet & greets with the dog to make sure they are the right fit. Once the right new family is found, the dogs are able to go home with their new owners. All of this work that ROF puts into their dogs is to ensure that they are going to be in their forever home, and do not have to go through this process again. ROF does an amazing job at what they do. They even offer lifetime obedience training for their dogs that are adopted.

If you are ever considering adopting a rottweiler, or any other breed of dog, I highly recommend checking out Rotts of Friends!

Why Rottweilers Are Great Family Dogs

It’s no surprise that Rottweilers, a lot like Pitbulls, have a bad reputation when it comes to the media. The media tends to only show stories of aggressive animals, when in reality, these aggressive dogs do not paint an appropriate picture of the breed as a whole. Rottweilers are very big very dominate dogs, but that does not mean that they are bad family dogs.

Sahrabis and Delilah with my nephews, Daxton and Drake. Photo Credit: Personal Photo
Sahrabis and Delilah with my nephews, Daxton and Drake.          Photo Credit: Personal Photo

The key to developing your Rottweiler into the perfect family dog is socialization and training. Like any other breed of dog, they need to be socialized starting at a young age. Taking them to the dog park to interact with other dogs and people is key. Giving them the opportunity to interact with other people in your house is important too. Socialization is important because Rottweilers can be territorial and dominant, but with constant work, these traits can be eased.

This goes the same for interactions with children. With supervision, it is important for your rottweiler to get to know the children that they will be living with. It may be something that is nerve wrecking at the beginning, but they will adapt and eventually, your rottweiler will become your children’s personal security guards.

With the right training, a rottweiler can be a calm and steady-tempered protector of the family. Their loyalty and protective instincts towards their handlers is undoubtedly one of the most respected traits these dogs possess. While it may take time and training, in the long run, it is worth it to have them be a part of your family.  Are Rottweilers Good Family Dogs? provides more information about their behavior and needs that Rottweilers require. My previous post, A Little Bit About the Breed, talks more about the breed characteristics of Rottweilers.

If anyone else has comments about Rottweilers being family dogs, please comment below!