Which dog toys are tough enough?

Let’s just say that my dogs have a tendency to go through a lot of dog toys. I feel like no matter what toys I have bought, they still completely destroy them. I’m not sure if it is because the toys just cannot stand a chance against my three dogs, or if my dogs really are just too rough with them. I find myself giving them new toys on the weekend, and then by Monday, they are torn apart and ready for the trash. It just seems weird to me because I don’t see any of my dogs fighting over them or being rough with them.

Delilah with her  Photo Credit: Personal Photo
Delilah with her
Photo Credit: Personal Photo
Sahrabis with his stuff-less toy Photo Credit: Personal Photo
Sahrabis with his stuff-less toy
Photo Credit: Personal Photo

Even though there are many brands of dog toys that are not tough enough for my dogs to have for any length of time, there have been a few that I have come across that last a little longer than the others. Zanies Toughstructables are very durable toys that all of my dogs seem to love! Although they are not indestructible, they seem to have lasted longer than previous toys. Indestructible dogs toys brand also make a toy called the mega tugowar that has seemed to have stood up to them as well.

Another toy that I tend to purchase for them that they are very fond of are the stuff-less squeaker toys. I am particularly fond of these because there is much less of a mess associated with these toys than some of the other toys that I get for them. These toys are also less expensive than the other toys, which means I can buy more of these for the same price as the other ones!

Finding the right toys for your dogs can be hard, especially when your dogs destroy everything that you give them. It is all about finding the ones that last the longest, and don’t make much of a mess that you have to clean up! http://dogtime.com/interactive-toys.html and http://gizmodo.com/5913008/the-6-best-toys-to-keep-your-dog-really-busy have some good toy reviews for your dogs.

Who else has found a toy that they love for their dogs! I need more recommendations on new ones to try! Please leave a comment below.

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