Vaccinating is Important!

Photo Credit: Dr. Fosters and Smith
Photo Credit: Dr. Fosters and Smith

Vaccinating your puppy before taking them into public is probably the most crucial thing for you to do. More aI see more and more people these days out in public with their puppies that are too young to be FULLY vaccinated. I emphasized the fully because that is the most important part. A puppy needs a series of three vaccinations, before they are protected from several viruses, including parvovirus. The first vaccinations are usually done at eight weeks, twelve weeks, and the last at sixteen weeks. Additionally, it is important to keep up on yearly vaccinations.

Photo Credit: Canine Journal
Photo Credit: Canine Journal

Parvo is a virus found in both cats and dogs that can be spread either through indirect contact or direct contact. Generally, parvovirus is spread through feces, because the bacteria can live up to six months in the feces or the ground where the infected feces was. The mortality rate for untreated cases of parvo is over 91%. This virus is very aggressive and spread quickly if it is not noticed quickly.

Some of the symptoms of parvo is lethargy, vomiting, fever, and bloody diarrhea. If your puppy is experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to get them checked out by a vet as soon as possible. Once the dog has parvo, the treatment is harsh, and it is long. They are generally hooked up to IV’s to keep fluids in them, and are given antibiotics, and anti-nausea injections.

The best thing for you and your puppy is to not take them in public, or anywhere that other dogs have been, before they have received all of their vaccinations. Sometimes it may be hard to leave your puppy at home, especially because you want to show them off, but remember it is for their best interest. I am sure that everyone would rather have a healthy puppy over them getting sick from going into public with you. To find out more about canine vaccinations, check out and

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