Exercising a Rottweiler is a big time commitment

Everyone knows that dogs need exercise, but how much do they really need. The answer to this is, how ever much is enough. Different sizes of dogs with different activity levels need all different amounts of exercise, and there isn’t really a set amount. For example, a smaller dog, such as a Jack Russell Terrier might only need thirty minutes of exercise, while a larger breed dog, like a Rottweiler, might need over an hour.

Photo Credit: Dogtread.com
Photo Credit: Dogtread.com

Another thing to consider is what is exercise. If you have a larger yard, where your dogs can run, they may not need as much exercise out of the house. If you have a small yard, where they are not running around much, they may need more out of the house exercise. The real way to tell if they are getting enough exercise is if they are maintaining a healthy weight, and are getting exercise daily.

Having three large Rottweilers, in a smaller sized large, is not ideal for my dogs to get enough exercise. They are in need to getting exercise everyday out of the house. This means that I take them on walks, take them to the dog park, or up into the mountains to run. For my dogs, I try and get them at least an hour of exercise a day on the weekdays, and then on the weekends I will take them out until they can’t go anymore.

Photo Credit: United Canine Association
Photo Credit: United Canine Association

It is definitely a huge time commitment when you live a busy life to make sure that your dogs are getting the right amount of exercise. It can also be boring to do the same thing everyday. http://www.animalplanet.com/pets/healthy-pets/10-fun-ways-to-exercise-your-dog/ gives you ideas on fun ways to exercise your dogs. One thing that I try to do is to take them to a different place each day of the week. I try my hardest to stay away from walking them on the same path that I did the day before.

If you do not have the time to take your dogs out for a day, you still need to make sure they get some exercise. http://www.cesarsway.com/training/exercise/Ways-to-Exercise-Your-Dog-Indoors gives you ideas for indoor exercise for your dogs. I will admit, there are some days when I am just too busy, and do not have the time to get them all of the exercise they need. When that happens, I usually will play fetch with them in the back yard one at a time, to get them at least some exercise.

Overall, exercising your dog is definitely a big time commitment, but is it something that your dog needs in order to maintain their health. By taking the time out of your day to get them the exercise that they need will not only keep them healthy, it will keep them happy.

If you haven’t gotten to take your dogs out in awhile, take some time and get out and exercise them!

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