My First Attempt at Homemade Dog Food

In my last post I talked about different dog foods, and what you should look for in them. On that topic, the ideal dog food may be rather expensive, or you may be having a hard time finding the right dog food for your dog. I have been researching different homemade dog foods that you can add to your dogs diet, in order to supplement the dry food regimen, or use in place of the dry food that you are currently feeding your dog.

My motivation for trying homemade pet food is to cut back on the amount of dry food my dogs are eating, and to increase the amount of organic meat and vegetable they are consuming. Delilah, my female dog, has had a issues with her digestion and I am hoping that homemade wholesome food will help with this issue. Of course, it is also nice to make their dry food last longer, because it is so expensive.

Just like dry dog food, it is important to only include ingredients that are beneficial to your dogs. was an awesome website that provided you with all of the information about homemade pet food that you need. It gives you guidelines on what the food should contain, the ideal nutritional ingredients, and food to avoid. In addition to all of that information, it has recipes for dog food as well as dog treats.

With that being said, I found a recipe that looked nice and simple, because it was my first time making it, and then I modified it to double the recipe so there is enough for all of my dogs. In my recipe, I included the following ingredients

  • 2.5lbs Organic 93% lean ground turkey
  •  5 Cups Organic brown rice, cooked
  •  3 large sweet potatoes, cooked
  •  2 cans organic peas
  •  2 cans organic chopped carrots
  •  2 quarts chicken stock

First, I cooked the rice in a rice cooker and put the sweet potatoes in the oven until they were cooked. Once those were both done cooking, I put cooked the ground turkey in a skillet. After all of those ingredients are finished cooking, I put the chicken stock in a large pot, and brought it to a boil. Once brought to a boil I added the cans of vegetables. After adding the vegetable, I turned the heat to low. Next, I added all of the ground turkey and cooked rice, and mixed it all together. Lastly, I skinned and diced the sweet potatoes, and added them to the pot. I added the sweet potatoes lastly because I didn’t want to mix them too much. After adding all of the ingredients I let it cook on low for 15 minutes, and it was done!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised about how easy this was to make, and my dogs all love it! I am replacing one cup of their dry dog food with 3/4 of a cup of homemade food, a day. This one batch should last about ten days, and only cost about $12.00 to make!

Here is a picture of my results! is the website that I got my recipe from, however, I did change the ingredients a little bit.

Has anyone else ever made homemade dog food? I would love to hear your tips or suggestions if you have! Please leave a comment if you do!

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