What Dog Food is the Right One?

Choosing a dog food that is good for your dog can be a daunting task. There are so many brands and varieties to choose from, how can you possible know which one is the best one that fits your dogs needs? Large breed dogs, especially Rottweiler’s, need a specific diet that can ofter be rather pricey. So what are some of the things that you should look for when choosing a dog food?

The first thing that I always look at is the packaging. Do you see anything that says the food is “organic” or “all-natural”? While many popular dog food brands are not organic, there are a lot that are all-natural. Next, I look at the ingredients. You want to see your proteins listed first, such as salmon, chicken, lamb, bison, etc. I tend to stay away from foods with beef or pork. Next, you want to see wholesome fruits and vegetables that is not corn. Corn and other grains are not ideal ingredients that you want in a food.The higher ranked on the list of ingredients these items are, the better. Aside from the proteins, fruits, and vegetables, the food should contain probiotics to help with digestion, and other vitamins and minerals to benefit your dog.

Having dogs who are very sensitive to foods, I have tried multiple different dog foods, and have found multiple that I am very fond of. Natures Domain is the grain-free food that Costco carries. They are a great option for a great price. Although I do not particularly care for the beef variety, my dogs loved the salmon type for three years. Another food that they have done really well on in called Vitality. It is an all-natural food, and they have a variety called “Happy Hips” which is good for large breed dogs that are susceptible to having hip problems. The newest food that I have started feeding my dogs is called Taste of the Wild. It is an all-natural, high protein content food that comes in several different varieties. So far, they have responded really well to this food, and I plan to keep them on it.

There are definitely some dog foods that I would NEVER feed my dogs. Dog chow, Pedigree, Kibbles and Bits, and all other cheap brands like that are something that I would never feed to my dog. When looking at the ingredients of these foods you see a lot things with the word “meal” after them. Such as beef mean or chicken meal. Meal is essentially all of the other organs, bones, and random pieces of meat of an animal, all ground up. Which means that the protein content is lower and there is more fat and other content in these pieces than what is ideal for dogs to eat.

My best advice is to stay away from foods with any type of meal listed in the ingredient. Keep in mind that foods that are good for your dogs often are not cheap. A bag 30lb-35lb of dog food can range from $35-$55 dollars. While it may be a lot, and your dog may go through it quickly, having a food that is healthy for them will lower their chance of having any medical problems from the food that they are consuming. For me, my dogs go through a bag of dog food, that costs me $50, every week. It is expensive, but their health is important to me.

There are countless different websites that offer information about what to look for in a dog food, but the two listed below are the ones that I have found to be the most helpful with this task.

1. http://www.a-love-of-rottweilers.com/caring-for-big-dog-breeds.html#nutrition

2. http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/15_02/features/Ingredients-Of-Quality-Dog-Food_20459-1.html

So what does everyone think? I’d love to hear opinions or recommendations on dog foods that you have tried!

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